Parent Educator Network Indiana (PENI)

Parent Educator Network Indiana (PENI)


Empowering parent educators to uplift the families they serve.

PENI was established to support parent educators in advancing the welfare of Indiana children, youth, and families through ongoing continuing education & learning, support, and networking.


We believe that by strengthening and sharing our own knowledge base, we are better able to provide developmentally- and culturally-relevant training and support to the families we serve.

PENI Events

We encourage you to enhance your skills in this profession on an ongoing basis.

Annually, PENI provides its members and the community-at-large with access to programming aimed at expanding their knowledge about the issues relevant to effective and responsible parenting, as well as on the techniques for serving urban and at-risk families more effectively. In addition, members are also provided with opportunities to acquire strategies to help them re-vitalize and stay on-course in an often hectic and stressful field. CLICK HERE to learn more…

And…stay tuned for upcoming PENI Events by checking the IPI News feed often.

Annual Membership

Membership in PENI is open to individuals working to advance the well-being of children, youth and families. This includes, but is not limited to, youth counselors, mentors, caseworkers, parenting facilitators, educators, administrators, service providers, houses of worship, childcare center personnel, as well as parents and individuals. Join TODAY! Just fill out the PENI Annual Membership Application form below.

PENI Annual Membership Application

  • THANK YOU! for your interest in joining PENI. Your annual membership fee of $55 includes a 15% discount on all PENI events, including trainings.

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