What is RPC?

What is RPC?

The future of our society and our wellbeing is in the hands of parents and their children. If we want a brighter future, we should heed the need for an increase in parenting skills for today’s parents.

Laura Wynn, Founder & CEO, IPI 

The Responsible Parenting Campaign (RPC) is IPI’s key vehicle of community engagement and awareness on issues affecting family well-being. A year-round initiative, RPC advocates for preservation of the family and protecting the welfare of children through strengthening family relations and communities. RPC works in collaboration with state and local organizations to engage the community in sponsoring and patronizing events and activities that promote the social benefits of effective and responsible parenting.

RPC’s focus is on educating the community

Via workshops, forums, and keynote speakers, on topics pertinent to sustaining family well-being in today’s 21st Century climate (e.g., teen pregnancy prevention, truancy prevention, substance abuse prevention, etc.), attention is called to the need for effective and responsible parenting in sustaining family wellbeing, and for community involvement in preventing the maltreatment of children and in reducing the impact(s) of poverty and neighborhood deterioration.