Friends of IPI

Friends of IPI

Why support Parenting Education?

Your future...

Our children are our future. How they begin determines how we end:

  • A child raised in a loving, nurturing and edifying environment develops into a well-adjusted adult. Well-adjusted adults are responsible, not just to themselves but to their community (and to those that make it up) as well.
  • A child raised in a stressful or chaotic environment (where there is abuse, neglect, lack of structure, etc.) develops into a stressful, chaotic, and usually self-indulgent adult. Such adults tend to hurt rather than help their communities and those around them.

If you desire a healthy future, then you have a vested interest in supporting the healthy development of the children in your community who will be its future leaders.

Parents are our first (and most important) teachers

During the first years of life, much of the learning children experience happens in the course of everyday family interactions and experiences. The ways parents touch, look at, and talk with them from earliest infancy affect their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. This is why it is important for parents to look beyond what they do with their children to “how” they do it – to the attitudes and feelings that underlay their actions.

For example, if a mother enjoys reading to her child, the child senses this and learns that reading can be a pleasurable experience. However, if a mother feels anxious or distracted while reading to her child, the child may pick up on those feelings of discomfort and infer that reading is an unpleasant task.

It is also important for parents to realize how much they teach their children simply by the behavior they model. Children learn primarily by observing their parents in daily life, as well as by what the parents try to teach them.

Parents today

Many parents today became parents as children.

As a result, few of them finished the development and acquired the knowledge necessary to become effective adults. So, they are teaching their children what they know – how to be dependent (a child) rather than self-sufficient (an adult). They see parenthood and adulthood through the eyes of a child.

A child does not notice a parent’s nurturing and teaching, but instead is much more aware of a parent’s provision and rules. And further, a child is unaware of the purpose for these, but rather just receives them as a normal part of life. So when a child becomes a parent, if he is still not looking to be provided for, he perceives his role as parent is to provide for his child – and that’s it. Oh yeah, and to discipline him.

But there is so much more to parenting. And this is what today’s parents need to learn. And what IPI provides them.

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Partnering for the Future of Family


IPI’s heart can be seen in its goal:

To deliver parenting education programs, support services and resources, and public awareness initiatives that educate and engage parents and the community in advocating for the prevention of the parental maltreatment of children, a precursor of the social, health, and behavioral outcomes that prevent children from reaching their full potential.

We believe we can improve our community, and society, by helping our parents and their families. And we take our role seriously. Our sole purpose is to help parents so that we may save our children – and our future. Or as we like to put it, “Help a Parent. Save a Child.”

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If you have a heart for the community, for your future, for our children – then IPI, a 501(c)3, may be an ideal destination for your beneficence – from money, to time, to in-kind donations. The more you put into IPI and its efforts, the more the community benefits as lives are improved. But no matter your type or level of support, remember, because of your input, the world is becoming a better place for all.

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