Profiles of Success

Profiles of Success

” So… I was summoned to court for truancy. Why me? was the question I cried out.

Why not me? God answered! I’ve learned that we journey down certain roads in our lives for a purpose. This was not a road I chose, but because of certain decisions I made for my son dealing with school, this is where I ended up. Optimism for court or parenting class was far from my mind. I panicked, worried, cried, mentally rejected the thought of the program.

Coming into my one-on-one classroom orientation for the first time, I met this beautiful, spirited, witty firecracker of a teacher, and she said to me stop…calm down…breathe; and at that point, I knew things would be uphill from there.

I met alot of beautiful women, different ages, races, family compositions, and different stories as to how we came to be in the same situation. I am honestly walking away from this class having learned alot, and I consider my parenting skills to be enhanced.

We laughed, we cried we respectfully disagreed. I have learned alot about myself as a woman and as a mother. ”

To future participants of the Indiana Parenting Institute:

“Stop…Calm down…and Breathe. Everything is going to be alright!”

by: IDA C.
Zero Tolerance Student

“I’m Demetra T., and I’m a parent of the graduating class today. I want to begin by saying a few words…

When you’re a parent, in our mind, you’re not supposed to make mistakes; but the truth is we do, because we’re human.

When I first came here, I have to admit I was skeptical. The last thing you want to hear is someone telling you how to be a parent, but that’s not what this 2-day a week gathering is about. We have a group of wonderful, humorous women that offer support and advice. We are a meeting of the minds. Parents share experiences, disappointments, and we also share happiness.
Our teachers are the perfect examples because they can relate to our situations. They do not judge or criticize, but instead offer a point of view that we might not be able to see from our side.

We encourage and provide comfort to each other, which makes this class a wonderful thing. I recommend it for everyone, not just parents because for me, I learned to accept that I’m not super mom and that because my child or children make mistakes does not mean I’m not doing my best – because they have to learn from experience as well.

So, with that being said, Congratulations Parents! And Thank You to Indiana Parenting Institute! I appreciate and love you.”

Zero Tolerance student

“I really liked this program. The ladies were so nice, caring and friendly, and even though they didn’t really know us, they cared. I loved the fact that we could speak our minds, and we could help each other in some kind of way. This program is still helping me everyday. I am applying everything I learned.”

By: A’Kendra E.
Zero Tolerance student

“I learned so much from the Parenting Classes! It helped me be more understanding towards my kids and others. It made me see things different in life with myself and others in general. I know that I’m not the only one in the world that has issues with kids or personal issues.

This class made my daughter and I even closer than we ever were, and we do talk a lot more about things going on in her life, with school, or just personal on how she is feeling.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping me keep my family alive and to be more active in all of my children’s lives and my granddaughter’s life.

Ms. Rose, you are a wonderful person and teacher, so keep up the good work!”

By: Michelle W.
Zero Tolerance student


“Most people say that men have babies but don’t want to be in their lives. I have a son and I want to be in be in his life. I want my son to know who he is. I don’t want him to be a statistic.”

A Parent on a Mission

The one constant for Anthony is being in his son’s life.

“I made a mistake. Hanging out with friends, I made a poor decision. I heard about your program. I decided to start here.”

Anthony first came through the doors of IPI in April 2011, after being incarcerated for youthful indiscretions and fathering a child out of wedlock in Florida. Anthony is seeking custody of his son, desiring to provide him with the best quality of life.

Within 6 weeks of starting parenting and job search classes, Anthony secured a job as a forklift operator. He still has that job today, and is highly respected by his employer. Anthony often works 12-hour shifts through the night, but is never too tired to be an intrinsic part of his class. He understands the importance of his parental role and is determined to live up to that role.

Determined to be the BEST parent he can be

Anthony is a proud father and wants his son to recognize that his father is proud of him. He takes monthly trips to Florida to visit his son. He often takes his mother and other family members with him because he wants his son to feel an integral part of a loving family.

“I continue to take classes to this day. My son is older. Things change. I want to stay on the right track. I am determined to be an informed, 21st Century parent. And I get what I need to stay the course every time I come to IPI. You just can’t stop learning. My son is worth it.”

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